First Nations Land Management

The Williams Lake Indian Band (WLIB) became a signatory to the First Nation Land Management Act and subsequently signed an Individual Agreement with Canada and developed their own Land Code.  After a successful ratification of the WLIB Land Code and Individual Agreement the WLIB Land Code was adopted and went into effect on July 1, 2014.

The effect of becoming an operational First Nation and having control and management over all land management activities has greatly benefited the WLIB.  The WLIB has overall authority on all land management activities and that authority is managed via a Land Code developed with the participation of the Band membership.  The Land Code, developed by the membership, provides direction on how land management activities will be implemented and ensuring transparency to the members. The WLIB can now pursue, negotiate and sign off on economic development opportunities promptly and efficiently. The band also has the power to develop and manage our own land laws with community input and participation.

In summary the WLIB has become a very progressive First Nation that manages all land management activities and operates under our own land laws.

The WLIB Lands Department Provides the following Services

  • Land Encumbrance / Status Checks; Please see Fee Schedule
  • Lands Registration – for leases, sub-leases, assignments, mortgages, discharges, easements, rights of ways, permit;
  • Individual Land Holdings – assists with land transfers, research on individual land titles, updating titles, encumbrance checks and general inquiries.
  • Leases & Permits – provide advice on leases and permits, information on WLIB Land Code;
  • Environmental Management – following the Individual Agreement Annex F the WLIB ensures projects are implemented in an environmental manner with the appropriate assessments

The WLIB has management and control over the following Reserves

  • Williams Lake Indian Reserve  No. 1 – containing 1,644 hectares (4062 acres);
  • Asahal Indian Reserve No. 2 – containing 48.9 hectares (120.8 acres);
  • Five Mile Indian Reserve No. 3 – containing 72.2 hectares (178.4 acres);
  • James Louie Indian Reserve No. 3A – containing 61.0 hectares (150.8 acres);
  • Tillion Indian Reserve No. 4 – containing 3.70 hectares (9.14 acres);
  • Chimney Creek Indian Reserve No. 5 – containing 23.4 hectares (57.8 acres);
  • San Jose Indian Reserve No. 6 – containing 2.61 hectares (6.44 acres);
  • Carpenter Mountain Indian Reserve No. 15 – containing 64.8 hectares (160.1 acres).

The WLIB has developed the following Laws

  • Fire Prevention Law 2017-01;
  • Matrimonial Real Property Law 2017 – 02;
  • Animal Control Law 2017 – 03;

The WLIB is in the process of

  • Developing a Burial & Cremation Law;
  • Revising the Nuisance & Trespass Bylaw into a Nuisance & Trespass Law;
  • Revising the Land Use Plan with Zoning and will develop a Land Use Plan Law;

WLIB Forest Tenure Analysis

Please watch for Notices of upcoming meetings.


Staff Members

  • Davee Palmantier, Senior Manager, Public Works
  • Wenona Gordon, Lands Manager
    Phone: (778) 417-0195
  • Nina Solomon, Lands Assistant
  • Andy Johnson, Law Enforcement Officer
    Phone: (250) 296-3507 Ext. 112
  • Dave Olson, Law Enforcement Officer 
  • Shianne David, Administrative Assistant, Public Works
  • Scott Scholefield, Environmental Field Supervisor
  • Bradley Klassen, Environmental Field Worker
  • Darren Tenale, Environmental Field Worker
  • Lane Wycotte, Recycling Champion, Public Works