The Education Department consists of the Senior Education Manager and the Education Supervisor.  The following falls under Education: K to 12, post-secondary, bursaries, Little Chiefs Primary School and Little Chiefs Day Care.

Toddler Program
Mission Statement




To work in partnership with our Shuswap families and the community, to provide a comprehensive range of excellence through developmental support services for children and their families.

The Williams Lake Indian Band is proposing a weekly Baby Tots and Parents Program for a seven month period. This will deliver interactive parents, babies, and toddler groups that focus on:

  • Positive Parenting Skills/Parenting Guide Development
  • Early Child Development/Behaviors
  • Motor Skills (through physical activity)
  • Literacy
  • Language and Culture
  • Diet/Nutrition

Focus Group

The age group varies from unborn, newborn, toddler, pre-school, parents and grandparents. The program will focus on the physical, social, and emotional needs of families within our community. The Williams Lake Indian Band is meeting the mandate of our child and family needs by being in partnership with outside agencies.


The main goals are to provide literacy, parenting skills, parenting guide, motor skills, diet, nutrition, language, and culture to prepare children and parents for school.

The Williams Lake Indian Band currently has a Health Station that provides the necessary skills and training for babies, parents, and grandparents which include:

  • Age appropriate toys
  • Parents will be provided literature pertaining to appropriate discipline, self esteem, milestones that make a mom, encouraging positive behavior, and physical activities
  • Tools and materials for singing, and rhymes and story time with the children
  • Shuswap language and culture

The seven-month parent/baby and toddler program for families of the Williams Lake Indian Band will allow members access to positive environment to learn the skills necessary for positive parenting and early preparation of school.


Based on the goals the objectives include:

  • Positive Parenting
  • Early Child Development/Behaviors
  • Motor Skills (through physical activity)
  • Literacy
  • Shuswap Language and Culture
  • Diet/Nutrition

Intended Target Groups

Newborn babies, Toddlers, Parents (mother and father), and grandparents

Parent Involvement

This program is intended for parents/grandparents to receive hands-on training and interaction with the babies/toddlers and other parents. It will also allow parents hands-on learning in the kitchen with the Community Diet and Nutrition Specialists.

Project Delivery and Location

This program will take place in the community of the Williams Lake Indian Band’s Health Station.

Report on Activities

A report will be issued on the success and the challenges faced with operating the Baby Tots and Parenting Program. The factors that will be reported will include:

  • Overall active participants
  • Description of overall activities of baby’s tots and parents
  • Anecdotal reports from parents on their feedback and suggestions for improvements to this program

These factors will be detailed and provided to the Williams Lake Indian Band’s Parent Assistant and the Education Director.


This program will have a seven month timeline based on approval of funding.


The Education Director and the Parent Assistant of the Williams Lake Indian Band will complete an evaluation of the program with the consultation of the parents.

Education Grade Incentive Program

Elementary Grades – Kindergarten to Seven

A’s = $10.00 each

B’s = $5.00 each

High School – Grade Eight to Twelve

A’s = $ 15.00 each

B’s = $ 10.00 each

Post Secondary – Certificate / Diploma / Degree / Masters / PhD’s

A’s = $30.00 each

B’s = $20.00 each

Recognition will be given in a monetary value of $20.00 each for the following:

Honorary Mention, Work Ethic, Most Improved, Outstanding Recognition, Honour Role

Payment applies to:

Full Time Attendance Only

Winter Semester (September – December)

Spring Semester (January – June)

Some Post Secondary Semesters may vary.

This Grade Incentive Program is provided by Williams Lake Indian Band Royalties

Student Awards Program

Staff Members

  • Norma Sure, Senior Education Manager
  • Pamela Kozak, Education Supervisor
  • Alyssa Alphonse, Administrative Assistant
  • Naomi Alphonse, Education Data Entry Clerk