Economic Development

The Williams Lake Indian Band (WLIB) is actively working to maintain a positive economic environment and to encourage investment in WLIB lands and the regional generally. WLIB works on economic development initiatives with other governments (local, provincial and federal) and various private enterprise partners.

To explore economic development opportunities with WLIB, please contact the following:

WLIB Economic Development Personnel

Additional Information relevant to WLIB and economic development opportunities is set out below.

Geographic Context

The Williams Lake Indian Band (WLIB) is located in the Central Cariboo, proximate to the City of Williams Lake. The bulk of the WLIB’s population is located on WLIB Indian Reserve #1, approximately 12km southeast of the City of Williams Lake along Highway 97.

In all, WLIB has eight reserves, with a total land mass of 1,927 hectares.

  • Williams Lake Indian Reserve No. 1, 12 km southeast of the city of Williams Lake, 1645.30 ha.
  • Asahal Lake Indian Reserve No. 2, at the head of Asahal Creek, 3 miles north of the east end of Williams Lake, 48.60 ha.
  • Carpenter Mountain Indian Reserve No. 15, near the 156 Mile Post west of Cariboo Hill Lake, 68.30 ha.
  • Chimney Creek Indian Reserve No. 5, on the left bank of the Fraser River at the mouth of Chimney Creek, 22.70 ha.
  • Five Mile Indian Reserve No. 3, on Five Mile Creek, 73.00 ha.
  • James Louie Indian Reserve No. 3A, on Five Mile Creek adjoining Five Mile IR No. 3, 64.00 ha.
  • San Jose Indian Reserve No. 6, on the west end of Williams Lake, 2.60 ha.
  • Tillion Indian Reserve No. 4, on the left bank of the Fraser River, at the mouth of the Williams Lake River, 2.40 ha.

In addition to the reserve lands set out above, WLIB has a number of properties which are held in fee simple. Some of these properties are in the process of being added to the reserve land base.

About the Williams Lake Indian Band

As of February 2017, WLIB had 822 band members. 232 members currently live on reserve, 545 live off reserve and 44 live on another reserve. T’exelc band members occupy numerous professions and vocations, and include teachers, lawyers, social workers, artists, loggers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs. Many T’exelc members operate home businesses. Some sell arts and crafts (leatherwork, basketry, and beadwork), while others offer catering (including providing traditional foods such as bannock, wind-dried salmon, deer meat, canned preserves and berry desserts). There are also private entrepreneurs in the community, including ranchers, farriers, trades people, silviculture technicians and logging contractors and casket makers.

Business Operations

WLIB owns and operates a variety of businesses, including those in the areas of forestry, professional services, ranching, land development, petroleum services and retail sales.

Additional information on those businesses can be found here.