Chief Administrative Officer

The CAO is accountable only to Council and has full authority and accountability for all staff operations.  This relationship reduces the already substantial workload of Council.  It allows the CAO, managers and staff to work according to established rules and procedures that Council has approved.  The key management functions of the CAO include:

  • Supporting Council
  • Recommending policies and standards to council
  • Building and maintaining the First Nation council office
  • Public relations

The CAO helps the Council define its purpose, develop goals, strategies and action plans, and implement Council and staff decision-making processes.  The CAO has responsibility for:

  • Benefits, services and program delivery
  • Business development
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management
  • Physical plant management
  • Community relations
  • Planning

These activities require the CAO to ensure that the First Nation’s administrative standard of services is consistent with First Nation by-laws, legislative and regulatory requirements and other contract conditions.  The CAO must ensure the consistent implementation of Council approved policies and procedures.


The Band has a Financial and Administration Law. The finance staff also include a Finance Manager, Accounts Payable Clerk, Finance Assistant and Comptroller. Budgets are approved on an annual basis by the Finance & Audit Committee and the Chief & Council. The Chief Financial Officer works closely with the department heads and reports to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Records Information Management

This department manages all the Band’s records including digital documentation.  There is a RIMS Supervisor and Coordinator.

Social Development

The Social Development Department consists of a Social Development Director and a Financial Aid Worker. The Social Development Director develops and administers social programs for the WLIB. The Financial Aid Worker works with the Social Development Director to administer social assistance cheques and determine eligibility.


The Housing department consists of the Housing Manager and Housing Coordinator.  This department oversees the Band’s housing and the collection of rent and any repairs and maintenance of the homes.

Staff Members

  • Aaron Mannella, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Maggie Berns, Executive Assistant to the CAO
  • Lori Billyboy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Camille, Senior Member Services Manager
  • Samantha Ilnicki, Receptionist
  • Keona Gilbert, On-Call Receptionist
  • Heidi Strong, Executive Assistant to the Chief/Yorston Office Coordinator
  • Tanya Thomas, Senior Human Resources Manager
  • Roxanne Stobie, RIMS Supervisor
  • Ada Phillips, RIMS Clerk
  • Gailene William, Finance Manager
  • Silver Supernault, Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Rachel Meldrum, Accountant
  • Dylan Sellars, NDIT First Nation Government Intern
  • Janet Smith, Events Coordinator
  • Shae Chelsea, Radio Station Coordinator
  • Frances Supernault, Sanitation Specialist