Band Administration

Chief and Council govern Williams Lake Indian Band. Administration and Department Heads report to Chief and Council who take their direction from the community members and the recently formed Family Council. WLIB administration includes Public Works, Education, Employment, Recreation, Finance, Social Development, Natural Resources, GIS, Lands and Self Government Departments. The Band works with the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council (NSTC) to deliver services to the WLIB membership.


Band Administrator

The Band Administrator is responsible for all day to day administration of the band and supervises the department heads. It is the Band Administrator who ensures that the Band is delivering all services and receiving all eligible DIAND funding.


The Finance Manager is responsible for the books. All the department heads have budgets approved by Chief and Council at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Finance Manager keeps records of all transactions and reconciles those expenditures with the approved budgets. The Finance Manager works closely with the department heads and reports to the WLIB Band Administrator who, along with Chief and Council have final signing authority on all out going monies.

Operations and Maintenance 

The O&M Department consists of the Maintenance Coordinator and Maintenance Worker. O&M is responsible for construction, housing, public buildings, water, sewer, sanitation and the fire department. The Maintenance Workers take care of the day to day running of the Band Property including repairs and snow removal.


WLIB has a full sized gymnasium with a fully equipped weight room and sauna. The main function of the Recreation Manager is to supervise the use of the gym facilities and provide recreational activities programs for the youth. The Recreation Manager also coordinates field trip and tournaments for youth and encouraged cultural activities such as drum night.


The Education Manager assists band members to access training and education opportunities. Decision making is assisted by Chief and Council.

Social Development

The Social Development Department consists of a Social Development Director and a Financial Aid Worker. The Social Development Director develops and administers social programs for the WLIB. The Financial Aid Worker works with the Social Development Director to administer social assistance cheques and determine eligibility.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the Development Activity in the T’exelc Traditional Territory and seeing that T’exelc Aboriginal Rights are not being infringed on. The main development activity that is monitored is the forestry industry.


The Lands Department includes Research Assistant and an Executice Assistant that is shared with the Self Government Department. The Lands Coordinator is responsible for Stage Four Negotiations in the BC Treaty Process in Lands, Coordinating Traditional Use Studies and Land Use Planning at the community and regional level. The Research Assistant maintains and develops a database and archives for research in these areas and in Governance.

Self Government

The Self Government Department includes Self Government Coordinator, Governance Researcher and Urban Coordinator. The Self Government Coordinator is responsible for Stage Four Negotiations in the BC Treaty Process in Self Government and developing Governance structures at the community and regional level such as taxation, language, culture and education. The Urban Coordinator is responsible for informing and consulting with the off reserve population.