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Job Summary
The Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manager contributes to the overall success of the organization by coordinating the day-to-day operations of the department, managing the budget and meeting reporting requirements according to the organization’s vision, objectives, and strategic direction. The O&M Manager oversees staff, writes proposals and inspects facilities, schedules maintenance, completes work orders, locates contractors, inspects repairs and maintenance for community buildings and electrical systems and roads, as well as Band vehicles.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develops an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives for programs and services, including program delivery and evaluation
2. Delivers the provision of Operations & Maintenance to community members by developing procedures for maintenance of the premises, equipment, buildings and roads
3. Manages maintenance program by estimating costs, submitting to Housing for approval, modifying work order when over budget limit, arranging for renovations and repairs, and inspecting work for completeness
4. Manages road and bridge maintenance, snow plowing, sanding, grass mowing, garbage and recycle collection and vehicle maintenance and inspection
5. Ensures vehicles and buses are inspected and have adequate insurance coverage
6. Establishes and maintains annual operating budget and works to secure adequate revenue and funding
7. Maintains and monitors management plans, maintenance plans along with maintenance contracts
8. Conducts needs assessment with the community to identify needs and to provide information to external agencies as well as governing body which feeds operational plans
9. Creates a safe and healthy environment following Occupation Health & Safety standards
10. Works cooperatively in conjunction with the Housing Manager & Utilities Manager
11. Oversees and supervises all program staff

1. Diploma in Business Management or related field
2. Certification in either carpentry, plumbing, electrical or equivalent field
3. Must be able to obtain and maintain a clean Criminal Records Check
4. Must be able to obtain and maintain a BC Driver`s Licence

$27.81 to $33.89 depending on education & work experience

Please submit cover letter and resume with 3 work related reference by March 29, 2019 at 4:30 pm to:

Marg Shelley
Chief Administrative Officer
Williams Lake Indian Band
2672 Indian Drive
Williams Lake, BC
V2G 5K9
Fax: 250-296-4750
Email: cynthia.dick@williamslakeband.ca


Job Summary
The Records Information Management System (RIMS) Clerk effectively carries out records management and general administrative tasks while providing excellent customer service. The RIMS Clerk uses a cordial and friendly approach in helping WLIB staff to understand the system, and works to build effective relationships within the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Implements a standardized file classification and numbering system and retention schedule for all documentation, correspondence and records
2. Works with supervisor concerning the appropriate creation, use, maintenance, and disposition of electronic records in the existing computer systems
3. Provides clear instructions and reference material (e.g. file number lists)
4. Identifies vital records including preservation of records with permanent value
5. Classifies, files and records documents and other data according to RIMS cross referencing to other files as necessary
6. Transitions paper files to electronic storage following the classification system
7. Ensures proper safekeeping of records is undertaken including fireproof cabinets, off-site storage for electronic data, confidential storage for sensitive documents and process for file destruction

• Graduation from High School Grade 12 plus Certificate in Business Information, Records Information Management, or equivalency
• Two years administrative, clerical or records management experience – may need to change
• Must be able to obtain and maintain a clean Criminal Records Check
• Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid BC Driver’s Licence

Hourly Wage
$16.13 to $19.34

Forward cover letter & resume with 3 work related references by March 29, 2019 at 4:30 pm to:

Williams Lake Indian Band
Marg Shelley, CAO
2672 Indian Drive
Williams Lake, BC
V2G 5K9
Email: cynthia.dick@williamslakeband.ca