Vision Statement

T’exelc will work in Unity to Strengthen our Secwepemc Culture.

We will be a Healthy and Prosperous Community.

Values and Principles

Human Resources
  1. Each individual is unique and valuable,
  2. Each individual is part of a collective group,
  3. Each person has a responsibility to care for others in the community,
  4. Each person has the right to be treated with respect,
  5. Each band member has equal rights to Community Services and Employment Opportunities, (Band members have priority over employment on reserve based on basic qualifications),
  6. Each band member has the right and freedom to practice any religion or belief as long as it doesn’t infringe on any other individual rights,
  7. Each band member has a right and responsibility to participate in community decision making,
  8. Each band member has the right of privacy,
  9. All band members will abide by all laws developed for the protection of the rights of the community, and
  10. Programs must be designed that are beneficial to the whole community.
Natural Resources
  1. We are on this planet as stewards of the natural resources, therefore, we should protect and enhance.
  2. The natural world consists of many parts existing in harmony, therefore we are opposed to single use management systems and each set of resources should be managed as part of the whole,
  3. “0” waste management must be strived for,
  4. Within the above guiding principles people must be able to get the food, shelter and money they need from the natural resources (based on need not greed),
  5. Resources owned collectively will be managed for the benefit of all band members, and
  6. Each generation has the right to set management priorities to meet its needs as long as there decisions do not jeopardize the ability of future generations to change priorities.
Political Resources
  1. Each adult (18 and over) has one vote,
  2. Each family group has the right to one voice on council,
  3. Success requires that people work together,
  4. The government policy must assure the perpetual well being of the band,
  5. Band government policy must assure the perpetual well being of the band,
  6. Youth and Elders are a prime Political resource, and
  7. The band must remain open to working with all other political bodies (local, Provincial, National and International) for mutual benefits.
Financial Resources
  1. Dollars are spent more effectively when spending priorities are set by the people most affected,
  2. Dollars are spent more effectively when people are held accountable for the expenditure of those dollars,
  3. Dollars must be spent according to funding criteria,
  4. Capital funds are not to be spent on operations,
  5. Budgets must be set and adhered to,
  6. Human resources must be used. (Sweat equity is “priority one”)

Chief and Council


CHIEF William Sellars Jr.

COUNCILLOR Shawna Philbrick



COUNCILLOR Chris Wycotte





Our Elders are the holders of our history and our culture. We respect and honor them. Their knowledge is invaluable. Our Elders participate in all of our decision-making. They have work to do, but they also play and enjoy an active social life. Many Elders participate in the Treaty Working Group Meetings.

Our Veterans